Since 2001 we turn the head but still look ahead. In 2001 we decided to add the B axis or continuous tilting head to the valuable advantages of our machining centres of fixed table and moving column.

We apply the most advanced technology in the market: Transmission by a torque motor installed on the rotating shaft and direct measuring on the axis. Result: extraordinary dynamics, automatic recovery after collisions and maximum precision in positioning and repeatability.

The high torque for position holding, working as a live axis as well as blocked axis, with an additional braking function for the 2nd case, guarantees the axis position during the most demanding machining operations. 

IBARMIA ZVH Extreme 45
IBARMIA ZVH Extreme 48
IBARMIA ZVH Extreme 55
IBARMIA ZVH Extreme 58
IBARMIA ZVH Extreme 60


Mer information: https://www.ibarmia.com/en/machining-centres/moving-column-machining-centres-with-fixed-table/zvh-extreme