Okuma MP-46V

Vertical Machining Center for high-precision & die/mould parts: built on Okuma's MB Series design, the MP-46V incorporates a high-speed spindle and quick accel/decel structure design to provide fast, accurate and rigid machining of high-precision and die/mould parts with extremely high quality surface finishes. The machine resists thermal deformation, providing better thermal stability and more accurate cutting. Equipped with Okuma's industry-leading OSP control, the machine can be equipped with Machining Navi anti-chatter software and Super-NURBS contouring software for improved productivity.


Bordstorlek 760x460 mm
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 660, 460, 360 mm
Antal verktyg 20 st
Effekt 15/11kW
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