• The high precision NSV102AM meets your demands for die & mold machining of automotive, mechanic and electronic industries.
  • Specially designed for die & mold industry. With perfect machine structure, high controllability and stability, it builds excellent cutting accuracy. High-speed and stable operation not only significantly reduce tryout time but also speed up developing process.

Isolated Direct Drive Spindle

  • The unique IDD spindle with speed of up to 12,000 rpm and ceramic bearings offer low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation
  • High performance spindle motor of 30HP output
  • Result in excellent surface finish while maximizing both spindle and tool life under hard milling conditions.

Built-in Motorized Spindle (Opt.)

  • Maximum spindle speed: 20,000 rpm
  • Special spindle collet system
  • Rear Bearing Floating Design
  • Micro Oil-air Lubrication System
  • Double Contact Spindle Taper (BBT40)

High Rigidity Structural Design

  • X/Y/Z axes equipped with the roller type linear guideways and wide ball screw that maximize aluminum chip disposal during processing
  • Extra Large Delta Machine Column
  • Double-nut Ball Screw with High Performance Axial Servo Motor
  • Roller Type Guideways on All Axes
  • Wide Distance Between Guideways
  • Advanced design with reinforced body structure through FEM analysis, the NSV series offers superb cutting performance and reduced vibration to meet the highest machining demand.

Column Mounted Design

  • Minimizes the Vibration During Tool Change
  • Standard 30T Tool Magazine
  • 48/60T Servo Driven Tool Magazine (opt.)
  • Automatic Chip Shield



Varvtal 12000 rpm
Antal verktyg 30 (48, 60) st
Spindeleffekt 22 kW
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 1020, 600, 600 mm
Bordstorlek 1120x650 mm
Spindelkona BBT40
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