Okuma MCR-C

The MCR-C double column machining center was created to meet the demand of heavy industries for high power, high torque and high productivity. The exceptionally rigid spindle delivers powerful, 5-axis cutting on a thermally stable machine that provides efficient and accurate machining of large components. The MCR-C double column machining center’s auto tool changer (ATC) and full array of available spindle heads (attachments) support the machining of all types and shapes of parts.


Utrymme mellan pelare 2650-3650 mm
Bordstorlek 2000 x 4000-3000 x 12000 mm
Rörelseområde X, Y, Z 4.200/ 3.200/ 1.050 - 12.200/ 4.200/ 1.250 mm
Spindelhastighet 4000 (6000) min-1
Antal verktyg 50 st
Effekt 45/37 kW
Golvyta 7.810 x 10.730 - 8.710 x 28.420 mm
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