Okuma GP/GA26W

The Okuma GPW/GAW series is designed for stable, high-accuracy grinding of small parts used in automobiles, motorcycles, hydraulic equipment, home appliances, and more. These compact machines are especially suited for small work pieces and offer high-accuracy in mass-production machining. A compact body with a machine width of 1,550 mm and a space-saving footprint are achieved thanks to the wheelhead's traverse structure, which shortens work lines and contributes to a higher work efficiency. 
The GPW/GAW series is equipped with the newly-developed OSP-P300G controller for grinders. Its outstanding operability allows even novices to operate the machines without any difficulty, thus greatly increasing the work efficiency.


Max slipning Ø 200 mm
Hjulmotor 7,5 kW
Hjulstorlek Ø 610 mm
Distans mellan center 400/650mm
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